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We’re pleased to announce our upcoming series of public courses – the Vibrant Manager’s Toolkit!

This series is aimed at helping you hire, train, coach and KEEP the right people in your business through effective leadership and the development of your support network.

Everything we do at Vibrant is aimed at ensuring the health of your support team – the Team Leaders, Trainers, Coaches and Recruiters (or those with these responsibilities) because we believe if your support structure is healthy your business will be healthy.

Too often these are the roles people get promoted to because of success in a previous position, but forgotten about when it comes to development for their new role. Knowledge is only one part of the equation; the ability to transfer it effectively and inspire people to want to perform is equally important.


What you’ll learn:

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Recruitment/ Selection

  • How to perform a job analysis to identify your ideal candidate’s profile
  • The difference between Active/ Passive candidates & methods for attracting the best of each
  • What a Talent Brand is, why it matters and how to build an appealing one
  • What application methods work best
  • How and where to source the right talent
  • Which selection activities work best and why
  • Different types of interview, when to use them and how to create/ use scoring frameworks
  • How to settle and coax best performance from candidates
  • How recruitment is and has evolved


The First Time Leader

  • Transition from team member to Team Leader
  • Identify your leadership vision and know which leadership styles to use
  • Understand the principles of adult learning & performance
  • Increase employee engagement and learn how to motivate your team
  • Deliver constructive feedback and understand the principles of coaching
  • Build a self-sustaining team that performs even in your absence


Train the Trainer

  • Assess learning needs for your organisation
  • Design engaging programmes that get results
  • Understand what people learn, how people learn and most importantly why people learn
  • Deliver with confidence and handle challenging participants
  • Harness the power of nervous energy and use it to boost your performance
  • Evaluate training to ensure it returns value


Coaching Skills

  • Understand the difference between coaching and feedback
  • Know who to coach, when, where and how often
  • Identify the benefits of coaching and when it’s the appropriate tool
  • Use a range of established models including GROW, OSKAR and exclusively one of our own
  • Understand the principles of adult learning/ performance and use it to inspire


These courses are also available in-house/ closed specifically for your teams upon request.

Group rates & multi-course booking discounts are available.

Got something in mind that you don’t see listed for this series?

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