• It’s Time to Talk about Horrible Bosses

    Unfortunately, at some stage or another in our careers, most of us have crossed paths with the aforementioned ‘Horrible Boss’. Whether it’s been through direct report or we’ve been lucky to witness only from afar, most of us can tell a story or two about someone with a bad attitude…

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  • The First Time Leader – Making the Transition

    Making the jump from team member to team leader can be daunting, especially for someone who has never held an official leadership position before. Previously the measure of your success was your own performance, but now the measure of your success is everybody else’s. You’re now in a position of…

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  • Recruitment and the Measure of Success

    Something about the title of this blog reads ‘mystical’ to me, a bit like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. But then the blog itself is about success in the world of in-house recruitment, and more importantly how it’s measured. So maybe the topic is a bit mystical too?…

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  • 70:20:10 – What Does It Mean?

    Let’s get this out in the open from the off – I’m a tad sceptical about models as I rarely agree that we fit into nice little boxes at all times and it’s easy to take the wrong messages from the studies associated. We react in different ways to different…

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  • Does Training Make Us Money?

    When I start a training session, I always start at the same place – establishing the need. I see little value in bringing a group of delegates into a room to tell them how to suck eggs (which incidentally is a really weird expression… why would someone suck an egg?!).…

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  • The Tarnished Reputation of Coaching

    Coaching, like training, has suffered by association in recent years; that association being ‘feedback’ and those who consider delivery of the latest performance stats along with a set of instructions to actually be the aforementioned medium. We know that coaching is a powerful L&D tool, the research and evidence are…

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  • The Ego & Assumptions of Recruitment

    Recently I read that massive UK accountancy firm Ernst & Young had decided to scrap degrees as qualifying criteria for their trainee programme. That follows PwC’s recent decision to scrap UCAS points for some of their positions. EY released a statement explaining they “Found no evidence to conclude that previous…

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  • The Pleasure/ Pain Axis That Drives Our Decision Making

    Anyone who has listened to Anthony Robbins will likely have heard of the pleasure pain axis. It’s something I was thinking about recently while walking the family dog. As Millie pulled the arm off me, she’s a tad excitable, I began thinking about how people train dogs. We’ve always been…

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  • Train the Trainer? We’ll get to that once the training’s complete…

    Recently I was having coffee with a colleague and discussing the response to performance issues in many organisations. We agreed in a lot of cases an organisation experiencing problems has a tendency to point the finger at the individuals immediately involved rather than consider the bigger picture and question why…

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  • Subject Matter Experts – Abuse of trust, or a great opportunity?

    Recently we’ve been surveying both recruiters and job-seekers in Barcelona with the intention of running workshops in the city. The workshops are our attempt to find a happy medium between recruiters in the city who are frustrated by trawling through high volumes of generic applications and job-seekers fed up applying…

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