Course Aim

To boost individual and therefore collective performance in your business through effective and engaging coaching that builds relationships and encourages team members to take responsibility for driving results.

This course provides awareness of what coaching is, how it should be implemented/ conducted and the benefits of introducing a coaching culture.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for coaching or giving one to one feedback. That could be Team Leaders, Coaches, Trainers or Subject Matter Experts used for developing others.

Course Flavour

Coaching is a very misunderstood intervention. Unfortunately its reputation has been tarnished by the term being used for everything from sharing performance stats to feedback or telling people they need to improve. The funny thing about performance is that if people knew and understood a better way to do something they’d likely already be doing it.

Coaching should be a partnership that empowers the coachee to critique their own performance, identify areas needing improvement and drive their own success. This course will help you implement proven coaching systems to boost the performance of your teams and business.   

The course contains a practical element involving the delivery of coaching.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind adult learning & performance
  • Explain the difference between coaching and feedback
  • Identify the benefits of coaching and know when it’s the appropriate tool
  • Know who to coach, when, where and how often
  • Use a range of established models including GROW, OSKAR and exclusively one of our own
  • Assess your own impact on the coaching relationship
  • Demonstrate effective positioning, physiology and tonality to build rapport
  • Provide feedback in a constructive and inspiring manner
  • Utilise NLP techniques to help define issues, more useful outcomes & as a means to achieving them


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