Vibrant Leaders

The First Time Leader (1 Day)

Course Aim

To provide an introduction to leadership for those new to this type of responsibility; or having missed out on formal training.

To clarify the best approaches to leadership, overviewing the main theories, philosophies and styles; then create leadership visions for those new to or aspiring to this pivotal role.

To help with the sometimes difficult transition from being a team member to a team leader.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone seeking to develop a career as a successful leader, those who have missed out on formal leadership training or those relatively new to a leadership role.

Course Flavour

With the wealth of leadership styles, frameworks, philosophies (and the books, videos and other commercial products on the market) it can be hard to make sense of what effective leadership is.

This course serves as an introduction to leadership; we’ll pick apart the sense from the myth and provide a clearer understanding of how to lead effectively.

Delegates will have the opportunity to create a leadership vision based on what they’ve learned that they can implement in the workplace.  

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to:

  • Transition from team member to Team Leader
  • Identify your leadership vision and know which leadership styles to use
  • Understand the principles of adult learning & performance
  • Increase employee engagement and learn how to motivate your team
  • Deliver constructive feedback and understand the principles of coaching
  • Build a self-sustaining team that performs even in your absence


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Vibrant Leaders

Emerging Leaders Programme

(360° feedback, 2 days training, supplemented with 3 coaching sessions)

Course Aim

To provide a more practical and tailored leadership intervention, engaging with the aspiring leader to understand the difficulties they face and work with them to find solutions.

To provide a theoretical and practical analysis of successful leadership and apply learnings in the workplace.

The course will challenge the thinking and behaviour of new or potential leaders to form a ‘Leadership Vision’ they can integrate into their own roles.

To provide a clear impact on the leadership style of the delegates, improving their working relationships and teams performance as a result.

Who Should Attend?

Those seeking to develop a career as a successful leader, those who have missed out on formal leadership training or those relatively new to a leadership role.

Course Flavour

The programme combines theory, practical and focused one to one coaching to facilitate learning in a flexible way and ensure outcomes are transferred and applied in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be able to:

  • Transition into a leadership role from being a team member
  • Build a team that supports itself
  • Demonstrate awareness of their current performance as a leader
  • Set and follow through on actions to improve their own leadership impact
  • Understand leadership styles, philosophies and models and know when to use each
  • Understand the importance of coaching and be able to use a range of established coaching models
  • Be able to implement solutions to common leadership barriers
  • Understand the importance of staff engagement and use it to improve team unity and performance
  • Understand the strengths of the leadership team, support each other and unite behind a common goal
  • Create an inspiring leadership vision and be able to implement it


Course Journey


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