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Course Aim

To enable you not only to hire the right people for your company; but people who will stay, work hard, engage and deliver results reducing your expenses and boosting your revenue.

To assess the impact of recruitment/ selection activities and provide the skills/ awareness to assess candidates fairly, efficiently and effectively using methods with the highest success rates.

Who Should Attend?

Those involved in the talent acquisition process who want to better understand the full recruitment cycle and use it to identify the best candidates for their company. This could be official recruiters or anyone who is drafted in to be part of the recruitment process.

Course Flavour

Most companies measure the success of their recruitment activities by the ability to fill a position and how long that took. These measures are short-sighted and as a result we encounter problems with staff performance, attendance and retention (including that of your customers too!).

This course breaks down talent acquisition activities to assess what we do, why we do it and understand what really helps us identify the top talent for a role.

It looks at new developments in the field of recruitment, while on a base level providing the skills and knowledge to recruit in a fair and effective manner.   

Learning Outcomes

What you’ll learn:

  • How to perform a job analysis to identify your ideal candidate’s profile
  • The difference between Active/ Passive candidates & methods for attracting the best of each
  • What a Talent Brand is, why it matters and how to build an appealing one
  • What application methods work best
  • How and where to source the right talent
  • Which selection activities work best and why
  • Different types of interview, when to use them and how to create/ use scoring frameworks
  • How to settle and coax best performance from candidates
  • How recruitment is and has evolved


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